1 lb. Peanuts – In Shell Roasted & Salted


It takes 22 minutes to roast these peanuts in the shell and the roaster squeaks terribly as it turns, but boy is it worth putting up with the racket! Only the Unsalted are roasted in our shop. The Salted and Cajun nuts are seasoned with equipment we do not have access to. They are both fresh and full flavored, but we think that the Unsalted in the shell are the pinnacle of peanutyness!

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Nothing matches the aroma of peanuts roasting in the shell. Folks swoon when they come in our door if we have the roaster going. It's as old as our shop- the original that was used way back then- which to the best of our knowledge was around 1938 in downtown Springfield. The roaster even has brass cast figurines of Mr. Peanut on the front edges.

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Weight 1.42 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 5 in