1 lb. Peanuts – Milk Chocolate Covered


These, by far, are the biggest confectionery seller at the Shoppe. We don't make them ourselves because we couldn't do it better! Why mess with perfection?  A store favorite for all ages.


Years ago, my friends and I would travel to racquetball tournaments around Ohio to compete. What great memories as we sang with the Supremes heading down the highway. A mandatory snack for the drive were the Peanut Shoppe Chocolate Covered Peanuts. They aren't as pretty as some of our chocolate covered nuts with their polished coats, but they fly out of the store anyway!

Initially, I wondered why M&Ms with peanuts wouldn't fit the bill. Then I tasted one. That double dipped peanut- double coated in rich milk chocolate convinced me in one single sampling that they were easily a winner over M&Ms.

Additional information

Weight 1.42 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 4 in