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The Peanut Shoppe is owned by Tim and Laurel Shouvlin who made the purchase in February, 2013. Both remember visits to the shop as children when it was located downtown. Before moving out of downtown to the current shop front, the aroma of fresh roasted nuts drifted amongst neighboring shops and businesses enticing pedestrians to stop in and buy a treat. Springfield. Its final downtown location was the Arcade having moved there from Limestone Street, and in its early years was located on Main Street as well.

Laurel use to buy either shelled sunflower seeds or white chocolate breakup while shopping with friends while in middle school, and in her early twenties there was a mandatory stop at the shoppe for the chocolate covered peanuts that were the required snack for travel to racquetball tournaments.

Tim has been a frequent customer all of his life, stopping in to buy the Non Pareil chocolates and fresh roasted peanuts. It was on one of these regular visits that he discovered that the shop was available for purchase. Having just retired from organic farming, the timing was perfect, and the Peanut Shoppe moved into another phase  with ownership by the Shouvlins.

We are striving to maintain the wonderful tradition of fresh and flavorful nuts and candies and are excited to offer most of them here on our website. Our kids are pitching in too! The air conditioning and perpetual availability of snacks makes it a much better summer job than working on our farm! We are working hard to make certain that your visit to the store is a positive one, with excellent customer service and a firm commitment to excellent products.

Thanks for visiting our store!